Grace of all Grace

To succeed in life goes beyond strength, expertise and will power because the three factors have their limits. GRACE is the only thing that is superior to all of them as its effect is unfathomable.

According to Billy Graham, when we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God. Your best does not equal the least of God. The least of God is far more than the best of God. Grace makes man succeed without sweat. Grace is simply the God-factor in the race of life.

It makes an ordinary man become extra-ordinary. Great men do not conclude their stories without the grace of God. Grace is simply God’s hand upon an individual or organization for speed like in 1Kings 18:46 where God’s hand came upon Elijah and he outran Ahab

When you ignore grace, you end up in disgrace. It is not how fluent or skillful one is that makes him great; it is the grace of God.

Grace anoints the unlikable candidates. If people are not surprised at the happenings in your life, then, you are not enjoying grace. Grace makes you great; it covers your errors and colors your efforts. The difference between a struggling Christian and a successful Christian is Grace

To access grace, you must be humble (James 4:6). It takes humility to obey God’s instructions because every time God gives you an instruction, he has a miracle in mind. To despise the small days is to miss the great things. Another way to enjoy grace is by crying for it according to Heb. 4:16
Grace can take you from the pit to the peak and from the back to the front.

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