The Power Of Skills

Skill is the ability to do something well. There is nothing you can ever get done well without first knowing how to do it. Skill has to do with the tactics you employ on the job to get it done with excellence, the strategies you employ in handling the assignment. Every trade requires skill. The quality of your skil determines the quality of your output. A wise man said, “If a man learns a skill for one year, and he does not improve on the skill, and continues to work for maybe 25 years, it’s not 25 years of experience he has but one-year skill repeated twenty-five times.” So when a man boasts, “I’ve been on this job for 25 years, I have experience,” what he really has is one-year skill repeated 25 times. Except you upgrade and update your knowledge bank with new skills you will soon become irrelevant. In Proverbs 22:29, the Bible says,

“Do you know a man who is skilled? He will serve before kings, and he will not serve men.” (NIV)

In essence, if you’re skillful you will stand before kings. Skill is not a function of certification. You can have a Master’s degree but if you’re not a master in that job, they will flush you out fast. If you have the certificate, you must have the required skill to back it up. Hear me, paper (a certificate) has no value in the market, it is results that sell. Skill will make you a man of impact so you must know what to do to get what you want. You cannot sit there and say, “I went to school,” you have to develop yourself if you must be relevant in today’s world.

Hear me; the fact that you have natural endowments is not enough to make you a star, you will need skill to maximize your natural endowments for success. Excellence is impossible without a consciously acquired skill. In today’s world, it is the man of skill that will ever be the master. Hear what Oprah Winfrey said; “Excellence is the greatest deterrent to racism and sectarianism”. Whether you are a man or woman, black or white, just have the product and people will look for you. Just have the skill! You will be sought- after.

Skill is not a gift, it is developed. Anytime you lack initiative, it’s an indication you’re not skillful. Only experts excel! Expertise is a product of exercise. Skill must be consciously acquired. Lack of skill can kill any dream. Skill is acquired through training whether formal or informal. Anything you need to learn does not need prayer. Just go on ahead and learn it. Whatever you’re not willing to be trained for, don’t expect to triumph in it. Skill does not drop on people rather it is learnt through training.

Attend conferences. Read books. Improve your standards. Go for a touch of excellence. Then, you will begin to see a drastic turnaround. Hello! Do not allow pride to kill you! Go to the expert and learn. Humble yourself and go to the man or woman you know has the skill you require and learn from them. The man knows what you do not know so go to him. You need facts to handle your task. Don’t assume you have it – go and learn it. Nothing great happens by luck. Everything that must happen must be made to happen. Don’t use tricks because tricks will not last. Build on your skill to fulfill your mission and assignment on earth. Great is your future; you will not fail. Here’s a warning: Don’t substitute skill for the fear of God! Don’t be skillful and yet fraudulent! Don’t be skillful and yet throw humility to the wind! Match your skill with the right attitude. Attitude is the summary of who you are. The world must hear you so go and sharpen your skill.

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