A seed of hope is the beginning of every good thing in our lives. Hope gives birth to the overcoming life. It always believes for the best, even in the face of the worst circumstances. For believers in Christ, hope is much more than a wish, yearning or a positive outlook, it is based on the promises of God found in His Word. They are promises to move on your behalf.

We can have hope in life no matter what surrounds us, because we serve a mighty God who cares, knows us by name (Isaiah 45:3), understands the desires of our heart (1 Chronicles 28:9), and who knew us before we were even formed in out mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5).

Perhaps you are facing setbacks with your job or relationships. Maybe you’re struggling financially or the pressures of life are just overwhelming you. If that’s you, there is still hope! God is for you, not against you. His resources are endless, and His power and love know no boundaries. God is on your side. Do not let the enemy, Satan, your own thoughts, or anyone else tell you anything different. Keep hope alive and never ever give up!

Look up and expect the miraculous
keep hope alive.

I am praying for hope to come alive in you. God is a God of more than enough. He doesn’t have any lack. He always has a solution.

God is ready to speak to you, to encourage you and for some, rescue you

If ask where your hope is today. Is it in people? Your own abilities? Your job? Be encouraged and build your hope on nothing less than JESUS himself. He is your solid rock in which all other ground is sinking sand. Hope today, hope now! Whoever hopes in God and trusts in Him, will never be disappointed

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